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Our tune up agreement is an energy savings plan that reduces your energy consumption during the heating and cooling seasons. What makes our tune up agreement different from our competitors is our professional technicians actually perform cleaning to the condenser coil, oil all moving parts to assure smooth operation.

Below is a list from our tune up agreement for the cooling and heating preventative maintenance.


These are the checklist terms and conditions:

Air Condition Repair & Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Clean condenser coil.
  2. Check and adjust blower components.
  3. Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant.
  4. Check thermostat level.
  5. Check safety controls.
  6. Check all electrical connections.
  7. Check voltage and amperage on motors.
  8. Check condensate drain.
  9. Lubricate all moving parts where necessary.
  10. Check air flow.
  11. Check starting capability of compressor.

Heating Repair & Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Clean thermostat heating anticipators.
  2. Inspect automatic blower control.
  3. Oil and check the fan motor bearings.
  4. Clean pilot light tubing & pilot if possible.
  5. Safety and efficiency check of low voltage wiring.
  6. Check fan limit control switch.
  7. Inspect electric shut – off valve.
  8. Oil and check blower bearings.
  9. Check fan on – off control and set differential.
  10. Check transformers’s output.
  11. Check thermostat contacts.

Terms & Conditions

  • Materials and labor not covered by warranty will be charged at regular rates less 15% customer discount.AC 10-15% discount options in Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land o Lakes
  • Repair services request by the customer will be provided 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, Monday – Saturday
  • No trip charge for service calls.
  • Purchase of all new air conditioning and heating equipment will include a 10% discount.
  • This contract is transferable.
  • All major appliance repairs done by All Florida Appliances & A/C, Inc. will receive a 15% discount.
  • This contract includes a 15% processing fee.
  • Whether you find that your central air unit needs a tune-up, or your ductless mini split fails to work efficiently, you may find yourself in need of air conditioning maintenance.

Annual professional air conditioner maintenance / tune-up is the ideal process to ensure that your cooling system is up to par so that you can be confident that your AC will be there for you during the long and hot Wesley Chapel summer. Our air conditioner maintenance service is comprehensive. Your system will be thoroughly tuned-up, cleaned and inspected so that you don’t have to worry about its operation. When it comes to maintenance of your air conditioner, you need to hire an AC maintenance professional. While you may be eager to take care of things by yourself around the house, it’s important that you rely on experts to handle large and complex equipment. HVAC systems are complicated machines, with multiple components. While changing air filters regularly is a good idea for any homeowner, our service of maintaining air conditioners goes well beyond this simple task, by ensuring that your entire system is cleaned and adjusted for maximum performance. We have long term pride in our ability to service air conditioning systems near Wesley Chapel Tampa, so Call us Today!


What is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

AC Maintenance Plan, AC Inspection, AC Cleaning, AC Tune Up, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, Lutz, Land O LakesOur air conditioning maintenance service is exceptional. Whether you’re new to owning a home and a large HVAC system, or you’ve never had your system maintained before, we can tell you more about it when you give us a call. Suffice to say, however, that it’s the best (and only) way to make sure that your air conditioner performs exactly the way it should. There are three basic stages in any maintenance plan: inspection, cleaning and tune–up.

AC Tune Up Inspection, AC Maintenance, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, Lutz, Land O LakesWe have three routine maintenance plans that cover both your heating and cooling, and all of them include a 66–point tune–up/cleaning visit twice per year, typically scheduled just before the onset of the heating and cooling seasons, respectively. This means that major components of your air conditioner, such as your condenser coil, will be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that any dust, grime, dirt or other debris does not adversely affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your cooling.


The Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance

The benefits of regularly maintaining your air conditioner are clear. You can expect the very best from your air conditioner, no matter what type of cooling system you own. When you sign up for our air conditioning maintenance, you can also expect your system to be improved in terms of energy efficiency, thus keeping your energy bill minimized throughout the year. Moreover, keeping your system clean and tuned–up also boosts the longevity of the entire system, so that you can avoid costly premature replacement. Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Lutz and Land O’ Lakes  Today

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